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Automatic Battery Watering Systems

For forklift batteries and solar battery systems

To make your new or existing forklift battery virtually maintenance free, we recommend installing an automatic battery watering system and water level indicator light. This can be accomplished for less than $20 per cell, plus (1) $55 indicator module (installed). The benefits are:


         Weekly watering takes just one to two minutes.

         No user contact with the battery or vent caps.

         No safety equipment required (such as eye wash systems and protective gear).

         Narrow isle trucks do not require removal of the battery for watering.

         Accidental overfilling, acid overflow and corrosion are eliminated.

         Achieve the maximum number of cycles and productivity, usually 7yrs or more.

         Optional water level indicator light further reduces maintenance and allows operators and management to easily monitor battery water levels at a glance.


Automatic Battery Watering Systems - Available Brands:


BFS file-transit-5rating

          High pressure or gravity feed.

          5-gallon reservoir, self-filling reservoir, watering cart or fast-fill adapter on a standard water line.

          Water level indicator (mechanical) built into each cap.



BFS Watering System:


BFS Watering System | BFS System Kit Form | 5gal. Reservoir | Water Level Indicator



WaterMaster file-transit-5rating (Discontinued No longer in production)


WaterMaster System:


WaterMaster Watering System | Filler Coupling is Easily Accessible | 5gal. Filler Reservoir | Remote Water Level Indicator


FLOW-RITE star3rating

          High pressure only - Water line or cart.

          Uses proprietary acid proof hose.

          Extremely reliable, but installation is more difficult.





          High pressure only - Water line or cart.

          BFS System can be used with Philadelphia Scientific Fillers.





Battery Watering System Pricing:

         Available in Kit Form or Factory Installed on New and Reconditioned Batteries prior to delivery.

         On-site installation is optional. Contact your local branch for pricing.

         Each kit contains all necessary tubing, fittings and connectors to complete one battery.


BFS Watering Systems:

Set up kits: Pricing / per battery.


$134 - 6 Cell Kit

$214 - 12 Cell Kit

$296 - 18 Cell Kit

$375 - 24 Cell Kit


Kit form or factory installed. Please specify battery brand if ordered in kit form.


BFS Filling / De-Gassing Systems:

Copy of centraldegassing

Set up kits with Central De-gassing:

Same as above, but vents escaping gasses to a single output tube which can be routed outside building.


Contact manufacturer for price and availability:



Water Delivery:

5 Gal. Filler Tank Gravity Fed

One water delivery system can be used with multiple batteries. Fills in 5 minutes.





Tank Mounting Platform

One water delivery system can be used with multiple batteries.



High Pressure Filler (attaches to standard hose). Fills in 5 seconds.




Portable Watering Carts: For use with systems (above) or Gun (below).


8 gal = $499

25gal = $ Call for Price


Spare Parts / Accessories:


BFS Flow Indicator: Available with 6mm or 10mm barb.

Included with gravity fed system.


$ 22.75




Flow-Rite Male Fitting: Available in Black or Gray, with 6mm or 10mm barb.


$ Call



Part # 09FUM1

Flow-Rite Female Fitting: Available in Black or Gray, with 6mm or 10mm barb.


$ Call




BFS Male Fitting: Available with 6mm or 10mm barb.


$ 20.65




BFS Female Fitting: Available with 6mm or 10mm barb.


$ 24.84


Related Products:

Philadelphia Scientific Water Level Indicator Light: New, improved dual color level indicator light. 50% brighter and built in protection against


$55 Free installation on factory ordered batteries.


New installation forgiveness zone, providing for more tolerance of installation errors

Wider operating range: 4 to 12 volts; 6 volts is recommended.

Forgiveness zone: 14 to 16 volts LED will not come on in this zone LED comes on when connection is corrected Fuse and LED are not damaged.

Permanent failure at or above 18 volts Fuse blows and unit must be replaced

Reverse polarity protected Will not blow fuse if connected in reverse LED will not come on when connected in reverse LED comes on when connection is corrected n New Smart Sensing Technology.

Probe must be out of electrolyte for 24 hours before LED changes from green to red, protecting against false fill signals, watering before you should and minimizing boil overs. UL Classified.






Manual Watering Gun. No watering system required.




Water Deionizer System. Use with Systems or Gun (above).


$349 - with 600 gal filter

Water Deionizer System. Use with Systems or Gun.


$596 - with 1,800 gal filter


Battery Roller Stand. For use with watering gun, or for storing spare batteries.


$440 - 15 wide

$478 - 18 wide

$541 - 21 wide


Hydrogen Gas Detector. Monitors hydrogen gas levels and activates alarms & fans.


HGD1: $691 Single relay / dry contacts.

HGD1DR: $712 Dual relay / dry contacts.



Battery Watering System FITTINGS:

Have questions? Contact TECH SUPPORT:




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